Michael Takyi


Soccer with Mike Coach & Owner – US Soccer Federation Licensed Coach

Michael Takyi is the founder of “Soccer with Mike”. He is a US Soccer Federation Licensed Coach. Michael grew up in Ghana, West Africa, where he started playing soccer at the age of 4. He played intermural soccer when he was at Boston University, running for the men’s track team. He also played on the Wharton School graduate men’s team at University of Pennsylvania.

Michael has coached with the South Bronx Soccer League and the West Side Soccer League.

Being a parent myself, as well as playing and teaching football for most of my life, I’ve taken into account what works and what does not to develop this program from a parent’s perspective.

Our Mission

When sharing our knowledge, love and passion for the game of football, we believe it is essential that it is delivered in a manner that encourages the kids to get better. Giving them the opportunity to have fun but also learn that it is okay to make a mistake. We feel it is a critical aspect of development in children because often, fear of failing is what holds them back.

What separates us from other camps is we provide direction in all aspects of football from fundamentals to physical tactics to developing their confidence by encouraging them 100% of the time. Kids need attention and we really take time to look at their moods and their emotions to give them the best experience in learning the game. So it is a lot of training. But also a lot of FUN!

Our hope for the future is, through our program, to see these kids develop the same passion we have for the game of soccer. If we see they are on the path to playing in high school or even the collegiate level, great! But more importantly, we want them to enjoy learning the game itself because often times that is what is missing from most programs such as ours.

Soccer Mike immediately had an impact on my son Cole. He combines a dedication in teaching and developing skills. I find him to be a complete coach. He has passion and patience, 2 very important skills when coaching. Soccer Mike also has a way of passing on knowledge and understanding without overwhelming his students. We look forward to our next sessions.

Rob M.

Soccer with Mike has been great for my son! Mike is a hands on coach and finds ways to engage the parents. In just a few weeks I saw improvement in my son’s soccer skills and overall sportsmanship. It was also a great way for him to make new friends.

Kris P.

I would highly recommend Michael and his classes/clinics/private lessons. He is such a huge asset to the community and I hope that everyone takes advantage of what he has to offer - specialized high level of soccer instruction as well as emotional support and motivation.


Mike challenges his students to work through and past their inhibitions quickly and comfortably. And I've seen the skills my sons have learned from Mike translate quickly and clearly into improved performance on their travel teams. Their skills and enjoyment of the sport are vastly enhanced thanks to their sessions with Mike


You do a great job teaching fundamentals of the sport from the beginning. This is critical for a strong base of skills to grow from.


Michael Takyi – Owner & Coach At Soccer With Mike


Certified US Soccer Federation Coach


Wharton College and Graduate Soccer Team Alum


Former Coach of South Bronx & Assistant West Side Soccer League