My son LOVED Michael! He took several clinics with Michael, which concentrated on passing, quick response times, strategy, dribbling and shooting.

We also had registered for several 5 package private sessions. My son was primarily a defensive player but I wanted to have him also learn to be an offensive player as well. So Michael structured the sessions with this goal in mind.

His soccer skills exploded and his game went up several levels. He is a different player than he was before he started with Michael.

Michael’s insight, experience and his ability to work with kids is unparalleled. He understands how to motivate and extract the best out of each and every child.

I would highly recommend Michael and his classes/clinics/private lessons. He is such a huge asset to the community and I hope that everyone takes advantage of what he has to offer - specialized high level of soccer instruction as well as emotional support and motivation.

Amy New York, NY March 27, 2019

Both of my sons have worked with Mike on and off over the past two years. The first time one of the two had a group session with Mike, I was instantly impressed by how productive the session was despite a very pleasant and relaxed vibe. Mike is the perfect combination of knowledgable, encouraging, and intuitive. He is a clear communicator, and creates personal action plans for each player he works with. He is able to quickly assess the players he coaches and—with what feels almost like a spidey sense!—what might be holding a player back. Mike challenges his students to work through and past their inhibitions quickly and comfortably. And I've seen the skills my sons have learned from Mike translate quickly and clearly into improved performance on their travel teams. Their skills and enjoyment of the sport are vastly enhanced thanks to their sessions with Mike

Kirsten New York, NY March 27, 2019

Hey Mike!

1. You do a great job teaching fundamentals of the sport from the beginning. This is critical for a strong base of skills to grow from.

2. Really like the fact that you give them the opportunity to play a game ( even if it is for 5 min) its a nice way to end the class and give them a chance to use their new skills. It really solidifies it for them.

This works for Arav really well because he likes to learn the drills and use them immediately after in the game at the end. It makes the experience complete at the end of the lesson.

Sital New York, NY March 31, 2019

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Soccer Mike immediately had an impact on my son Cole.  He combines a dedication in teaching and developing skills.  I find him to be a complete coach. He has passion and patience, 2 very important skills when coaching. Soccer Mike also has a way of passing on knowledge and understanding without overwhelming his students.  We look forward to our next sessions. 

Robert New York, NY October 18, 2019

Jennifer Carbone DiFiore
Jennifer Carbone D.
Mike has truly been an instrumental Coach and mentor for my son in his soccer life. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate and value your influence, knowledge and dedication!
Kris Parks
Kris P.
Soccer with Mike has been great for my son! Mike is a hands on coach and finds ways to engage the parents. In just a few weeks I saw improvement in my son’s soccer skills and overall sportsmanship. It was also a great way for him to make new friends.